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Using Deep Democracy Methods in my Psychotherapeutic Practice

Maria Makuha, DDI Ukraine, Kyiv

Potrait of Maria MakuhaI work as a counseling psychologist mostly with individual clients. I’m also studying WW in DDI programs in process-oriented coaching, group facilitation and leadership development in Kyiv since 2008.

One of my favorite practices is working with a place of integration in nature. It gives the easiest access to the deepest energetic potential and innate wisdom.

I remember a client who was in love, but for objective reasons, that affair had no future. She was overwhelmed with disturbing feelings and thoughts around that. I helped her to find her “emotional center of gravity” in her body and to unfold the mood that had been there. She found there a night city, with lots of lights. It was full of life and fun and it could contain different people and different emotions. It was very helpful for that woman to get a new perspective of her situation and not to suffer from it, but  to discover in it the kind of  energy she had been craving for, and to use it for a new creative business project. In two years she wrote me an e-mail and asked to send her instructions for that “technique”. It impressed her so much that she wanted to use it with her clients.

Almost every time I use methods of innerwork, it provides unexpected powerful insights both for the client and for me. Multidimensionality and the power of this approach is always a surprise for me. For me WW was the most organic and substantial way to integrate in my work my interest in psychotherapy, art, spiritual practices and cultural diversity issues.  It also gives me a different kind of awareness that allows more freedom and creativity. If you can see the hidden structure of the current process, it also allows you to be more confident and precise in your interventions.