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Intensive 2013 in San Francisco "living is leading is art is politics" - why you should be there

DDI Team

Living Is Leading ...

4 Reasons why you should join the 2013 Deep Democracy Institute Intensive in San Francisco
(no, of course it’s not because San Francisco has been voted best 2012 city of 50 top US cities by Businessweek, or because San Francisco has been voted as Number 1 city to visit in 2013 by Lonely Planet, (yes, true Amsterdam is number 2 ☺ )

“Who is a leader?” some people ask. “I own a company, I am a writer, I lead a team, I am a painter, I am a consultant, I am an independent one-person-force, I am part of a small team with big ideas.” If Living is connecting to your dreams and finding your vision and living it, outwardly through your activities in the world, or inwardly, by working on how to follow your inner experiences, then you can’t help it: you are Leading. If you run a transnational corporation, or try to influence a grassroots initiative in your community, or..., or ..., or ... So if you think Living is about noticing your experiences, believing in them and living them, then consider joining us in San Francisco in 2013, and learn/teach Leading in complex situations from the inside and with the outside.

... Is Art ...

If Leading is to notice one’s deepest vision for the world, to allow oneself to be drafted by one’s dreams and hopes and help to shape a world that is better, easier to live in and more beautiful, then leading is creating and creating Is Art. Artists show us a new and beautiful world, and challenge us to think about beauty in everything we encounter. When does a deep democracy group process stop being a change management technology and become a performance art event? When does working on your dream stop being a personal growth effort and become a new story, song, or painting? When does conflict stop being a disagreement that needs resolution and become a jam session experimenting with new creative expressions? If these are questions that stimulate you, consider joining us in San Francisco in 2013 and learn/teach art as leadership and leadership as art.

... Is Politics.

If you believe or would like to believe:

Then... our San Francisco intensive is definitely for you! Come teach and learn how changing yourself, your team, and your organization magically changes the world and Politics.

Living is Leading is Art is Politics

And if your heart jumped when you read, Living is Leading is Art is Politics because you want it all, but doubt that it can all be yours, then you simply MUST come. We at DDI also feel this way, and want to learn, teach, and build together a professional community of leaders, business people, painters, politicians, meditators, community activists, scientists, musicians, farmers, homemakers, and you.

We very much look forward to gathering for our next DDI Intensive in San Francisco, where we hope to explore, experiment, research, and learn together how Living is Leading is Art is Politics. We dream of a creative time to discover together the interfaces between these various dimensions, and how they might play together in the co-creation of a new world in which our relationships, team processes, and personal creative lives are inspired by our unique hopes and visions. We look forward to learning with and from one another as we interact, enhance, detach, conflict, and collaborate for shared and individual blossoming, across cultures of many nations and disciplines of many walks of life.

When: October 4-13, 2013
Where: Fort Mason, San Francisco
How much: US $ 1350
What’s on: Stay Posted for the detailed program