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Dr. Max Schupbach, President, DDI

Publish or Perish – meant as a motto or curse of the academia, has another spin for us at DDI. A couple of years ago, Stanford, Ellen and I over pizza in our “office”, a funky Pizzeria in Portland who knows us and reserves a whole corner for us where we can work and create during our meetings (saves on office rent, brings a change of tapestry for our eyes, and gives us a soundboard for our ideas since everyone who works there is either a writer, art student, or a political grassroot activist), discovered our joint interests in books. Not just any books, but especially Process Work books. We were all raving about“the "Dreambody” and were thrilled when we heard of the opportunity to re-publish it.

Logo DDRAWell, it’s been a fantastic experience and a great journey. In the barely two years since that first encounter, we have  republished Dreambody and River’s Way, have published and sold out The Deep Democracy of Open Forums in Russian, are about to publish (two weeks from printing as we speak) The Deep Democracy of Open Forums in Polish, and within the same two weeks, you will be able to get Quantum Mind in English. If I would have a favorite book of all time, which I don’t always have, it would be QM.

We are getting ready to republish Sitting in the Fire in Russian through a Ukrainian publishing group. Through a Ukrainian publishing group? Yes, we created the Deep Democracy Exchange (www.deepdemocracyexchange.com - check out our website) and in the meantime established DDX Russia, DDX Ukraine, and DDX Poland. All of these are independent entities working with local distributors.

Now we are all excited and ready for publishing Arny’s new book The Dance of the Ancient One and hope to bring it out in the next few months.

On the practical level, we are focusing on developing our skills as an eBook producer, all our books will be available as eBooks and internationally. As a small and new publisher, it’s difficult to find distributors. We lucked out in the US with having Ingram Books, one of the world’s largest book distributors, as a partner. We have high hopes and crazy plans.

Logo DDRAWe want a journal, working title “Deep Democracy Research and Action” sold on newsstands worldwide. Check out the graphic explorations we created Here, including titles of non existing articles of people we love and haven’t talked to about any of it. ...read more

Write to us. Want to write a book or article, Write to us! Want to join the founding team of our Deep Democracy Research and Action Journal, Write to us!


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