WORD IS ~ DDI Newsletter Winter 2012
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DDI partners with Germany for an experiment in multistakeholder dialogue training across North Africa and the Middle East.

DDI partners with Germany for an experiment in multi stakeholder dialogue training across North Africa and the Middle East. As a result of many great discussions with friends in different EU countries regarding changing approaches in leadership development worldwide and ...read more

"Word Is" Graffiti header by the artists in Kibera, Kenya

Zen Calligraphy and our Process Work method of “Unfolding” are children of the same spiritual family, in my mind. Both are Dojos – Practices in the spiritual sense – for finding our innate nature and expressing it as a meditation and celebration of life and spirit. Both show us ...read more

Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish – meant as a motto or curse of the academia, has another spin for us at DDI. A couple of years ago, Stanford, Ellen and I over pizza in our “office”, a funky Pizzeria in Portland who knows us and reserves a whole corner for us where we can work and create during our meetings (saves on office rent, brings a change of tapestry for our eyes, and gives us a soundboard for our ideas ...read more

DDI around the World: stories from Ecuador and Palestine

Palestine: If you had to mark the “official” or consensus reality beginning of DDI as an organization, we would place it in 2006 with a first seminar in the West Bank. That project grew and became our first program, ...read more
Two years ago, Julián Jaramillo; a friend, student of deep democracy and processwork, and apprentice shaman met me at the Quito airport on my first trip to Ecuador ...read more

Living it – the corner where people talk about how they use Deep Democracy in their lives. Today Living DDI in Kenya.

This is the corner where people talk about how they use Deep Democracy in their lives. Read three personal stories from DDI seminar participants in Kenya ...read more

Intensive 2013 in San Francisco "Living is Leading is Art is Politics" - Why YOU should be there

“Who is a leader?” some people ask. “I own a company, I am a writer, I lead a team, I am a painter, I am a consultant, I am an independent one-person-force, I am part of a small team with big ideas.” If Living is connecting to your dreams and finding your vision and ...read more

Deep Democracy in my private practice. A clinical psychologist reports from Ukraine.

I work as a counseling psychologist mostly with individual clients. I also have studied WorldWork in DDI programs in process oriented coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development in Kyiv since 2008. ...read more

Farming, Food, and Hip Hop - our new leadership development initiative coming to training venue near you

What do Farming, Food, and HipHop have to do with each other? Shouldn’t it rather be farming, food, and country music? Not if you are asking us. Over 20 people (among them 4 farmers) in 8 countries from Africa, Europe, Russia, and the USA are already participating ...read more

Eyewitness reports from our first intensive in Otranto, South of Italy

During and after the first DDI Intensive training over 10 days in Otranto, Italy, with about 80 participants from 21 countries, many people asked how it was. We are thankful to Ellen and Max Schupbach for creating DDI and initializing this Intensive together with Stanford Siver, Ruth Weyermann and Josef Helbling. We are happy to share a few experiences and thoughts from the participants and the DDI team. ...read more

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