2015 Memories - A Kind of a DDI Newsletter - Part 2

DDI Intensive October 2015: A diverse flora - but one garden to grow in!

Voices from participants of Power, Love, War and Miracles in Barcelona, Spain, October 2015

We are excited to share with you a flavor of the reactions of people from various facilitation methodologies and traditions. 

Anke, from Holland is founder of a network organisation and new to Processwork. She works with groups in conflict, with young people and families, in restorative justice, family group conferencing and healthcare systems change:

I love to learn how to make what is happening in the situation more visible and here I and here I am learning the fine art of facilitation. What does a facilitator do in this case, or in another case? I am learning how to notice what are we missing here and how to bring hidden aspects out? I like that. I am not used to that. This is really useful. 

Benjamin, from Germany, combines his Processwork studies with DDI with a variety of methodologies in his work as a facilitator, including "Presencing" and the "Art of Hosting":

I am gaining a deeper understanding of how these methodologies are connected and have roots in a new paradigm of appreciating the potentiality of our world. I am discovering my own personal style as a facilitator, which in turn helps others recognize better what my contribution to their work might be. 

Ulrike is an organisational consultant, leadership coach and facilitator in Germany. She is a psychologist working in coaching, and facilitation in schools and larger corporations, through art and nature, for instance sculpture and landscape installations:

I like being here with people from different parts of the world and building a global network. We meet, work on these ideas and get seeds take back to our countries and plant in our special earth and grow around the world. I am touched by the idea that conflict isn’t only bad; I am used to the feeling it is terrible and I have to get away from it. I am impressed by this open space where it is possible to bring in everything you are thinking, and then go right over to the opinion on the other side. 

Barbara from Spain is an organisational facilitator:

My experience was the feeling of being at home inside of the diversity. I felt something very deep moved inside of me. Still remembering the love we shared.

Karin from Denmark, is a psychologist, and studies Process Work with DDI. She is a leader in a mental health facility:

I use Process Work in my organisation. It is helpful to me in group interactions to know about roles and rank. The group process on the topic of refugees was vey real and relevant. I have inner conflicts to deal with in our institution where many refugees come for treatment. If I want to do anything in the world, I have to do my own inner work first. This approach is useful for my inner work and bodywork. I gain access to my core purpose working on my childhood dream and I love that. It’s funny that whatever is happening in the Intensive, I find: Oh, this is just what I need at this time! Very fruitful.

Conchi Piñeiro from Madrid, Spain is an environmental scientist. She facilitates in a variety of settings – human rights, gender quality, co-operatives and environmental education:

For me this has been an empowering experience and an invitation to connect deeply with myself and at the same time, with others. We were a diverse group guided through powerful exercises and group processes, where participants practiced group facilitation on real topics, with great learning support from the trainers. I gained new perspectives on power and rank and how to use my rank well!  

I experienced my first public Open Forum [on the topic of Migration, Borders and Refugees], (covered in a later post) and it was amazing to hear in the same room such different experiences relating to each other as invisible threads. This deepened my understanding and feeling. 

Key words I take away: Stay in the role to step out, manifest conflict and love, experience trust, allow yourself to detach!

Jeni from Sheffield, UK is a cross-cultural facilitator is excited to find a resonance here in Spain with the cross-cultural concerns she is grappling with:

I am writing a Community Cohesion strategy with diverse people across Sheffield society as to how we can envision a city where everybody is accepted for who they are and what they have to offer. Being here in Barcelona is a real reminder of how the world is changing. I am hearing a lot of things from people who live here about huge issues affecting this city, and they are many of the same issues that are affecting our cities in the UK. Barcelona has an issue with the price of property going up, so that tourists can stay here, and the local people are getting pushed out. We have similar issues in the UK. This creates tensions here as it does with us, between the people who want to live here, and the people who want to work here, and the people who want to visit here. I am learning what an international phenomenon this is. 

Inigo from Bilbao, in the Basque Country reflects on the experience:

I think it is great we came to Barcelona, with all the diversity and noise around. Some things are triggering me a lot. Like, ‘welcome to Spain’ and ‘all the Spanish are welcoming you’ and considering me [from the Basque country] Spanish! So I think we are heating up and I am really looking forward to it!

Sunday, 13. December 2015

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